Campagne média

To promote a product/service and gain legitimacy, a media campaign remains the best solution! 

We've been running media campaigns for many years, and have forged strong links with leading advertising agencies in France and abroad.

Programmatic DOOH, OOH display, radios, press releases, I-Can services supports you in your media communication projects.

Count on us, we will get you ultra-negotiated rates!

In addition, we also offer dressing partner points of sale in France and Europe to promote your business. Event visibility as close as possible to residential areas for ultra-proximity communication!

What's more, we can also dress partner outlets in France and Europe to promote your company. 

Campagne média miniature avec une publicité à la Défense

Radio campaign

Creation of a radio campaign from scratch.
  • Script
  • Recording 
  • Targeting
  • Negociation
  • Broadcast

Urban display

Poster campaigns: Events, DOOH, OOH...
  • Design of the communication supports
  • Negociation
  • Broadcast

Shop-front cladding

Branding of partner sales outlets in your brand's colors.
  • Creation of the communication supports
  • Shop targeting
  • Print
  • Collage

Boost sales with a nationwide campaign

An airline wanted to capitalize on the hype for its country gained by the World Cup of football. The company wanted to hit hard with a national billboard and radio advertising spots. As for display, we displayed advertisements in the largest train stations in France. We also used urban signage in large cities such as Montpellier, Toulouse, Nantes and Strasbourg. We also used event displays on giant screens in La Défense and Bordeaux and even Lyon.

In the end, from shopping centers to transport networks (Metro/Tram and Bus) via train stations, we have created a large-scale system on the national territory.

Shop-front cladding of partnered shops

I-Can Services is a partner with a large number of points of sale in Metropolitan France and the Benelux. As part of marketing campaigns, we offer dressing these points of sale in your company's colors. It's a great way to get people talking about your brand and get closerto your target in physics.

Getting a strong message across to the right audience

Post-COVID-19 crisis, a cruise line wanted to relaunch its activity. Following this crisis, potential customers were not yet sure whether to leave for the summer season.

To do this, we broadcast pre-existing advertising on the national territory. In addition, we created and broadcasted a radio spot in France to highlight the company and its offers. The message conveyed is intended to be reassuring about the quality and safety of the service offered to encourage the clientele to call to the company.