Better understanding customer purchasing behavior, understanding new consumer trends, validating communication messages and areas to promote through studies, these strategic issues are at the heart of the agency's expertise at I-Can Services.

Adhoc, quantitative and qualitative studies, focus groups, interviews, physical or digital 1to1s: we have consolidated a solid base allowing you to benefit from a relevant consumer panel linked to your audience.

We select, analyze and implement quality studies to quickly position you and diversify your activity via:

  • Market study
  • Image and positioning studies
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Customer journey analysis, etc.
Personne qui montre des graphiques à un collègue

UX study: Question to improve

The company, specialized in transfers international, wanted to perfect its customer journey on its application with its Moroccan users. To do this, our client wanted to carry out a study among Moroccan users of its application in order to know the points possible to improve.

We have carried out a survey detailed on the use, step by step, of the application within the framework sending and receiving a transfer. Subsequently, we asked 80 people residents in Morocco to make a transfer and respond to the questionnaire. Once we collected customer feedback, we analyzed the responses and made a recommendation regarding the changes to be made.

Sonder pour mieux communiquer

An insurer wanted to find a message unifying and a visual identity reassuring to international.

Pour trouver les bonnes techniques de communication et une identité visuelle universelle, nous avons réalisé une étude qualitative et quantitative à l’international. L’étude à prit place en France et en Côte d’Ivoire et portait sur les points suivants : 

  • Visual identity 
  • communication techniques 
  • Catch phrase

Nous avons récolté des données sur ces différents points ce qui nous a permis de répondre à la problématique initiale. La charte graphique, le slogan et les techniques de communication ont donc été réalisés selon les retours clients à l’international.