Image de marque

At I-Can Services we absorb your ideas, your values or even your communication techniques to build or improve your brand image and offer you a strong identity.

We support you at every stage of consolidating your brand image and offer you:

A deep understanding of your brand: We take the time to explore in depth the essence of your brand, your values, your positioning and your target audience. Our dedicated team works closely with you to understand your vision and translate these key elements into a solid brand strategy.

Strategic positioning: We know that the positioning of your brand is essential to stand out in a competitive market. Our agency carefully analyzes your industry, your target audience and your competition in order to develop a unique and differentiated positioning that attracts attention and generates engagement.

A consistent visual identity: We believe in the importance of a consistent visual identity to strengthen your brand image. Our team of talented designers creates logos, communication materials and visual elements that faithfully reflect the essence of your brand. We ensure that each visual element is aligned with your message and values.

An effective communications strategy: We develop a comprehensive communications strategy to help you disseminate your message in a coherent and impactful manner. Whether through advertising campaigns, public relations, social media or other communication channels, we identify the best opportunities to promote your brand and create a positive impact.

Good management of your brand image involves in particularcreation of an innovative website as well as the creation of content or even events to promote your ideas and your values.

From corporate video to website creation to promotional events, we will support you step by step.   

Miniature image de marque avec des visages

Vidéo d'entreprise

Creation of a video and its editing on for your company.
  • Shooting
  • Editing
  • Promotion
  • Artistic direction

Web Site

Creation of a website from scratch weither its E-commerce or not.
  • Development from scratch
  • Team training
  • SEO.
  • Graphic chart


Set up of corporate events.
  • Set up of the event
  • Creation of the communication supports
  • Animations.
  • Pictures
  • Aftermovie.

Brand image: Activities to strengthen the links with customers

In order to strengthen the brand image and the reach on the ground of GNV and MoneyGram, we organized events on board of a GNV cruise. These activities allowed us to strengthen links with customers and collect data for future operations. We distributed 12,000 branded gifts and reached more than 80,000 people.

Develop your brand image to gain legitimacy

On behalf of a company in the industrial sector which had abandoned its brand image like many others in this sector, we produced an institutional video for them. Much more than a presentation of the company, video allows you to humanize and create a link with the customer. This video is also an asset in terms of legitimacy.

Develop your online presence and stand out from competitors

In order to enable a French industrial group to establish itself in the best conditions, we have created a graphic charter, logos and a website. We decided to create a graphic identity strong and very colorful contrary to industry habits to break the codes. The website stands out with its unique design and its extravagant colors. The website is perfectly functional whether for recruitment, contact or even news. Each service in the group has its own graphic identity and its own logo so that the customer can easily differentiate the services. We finally produced training documents for using the website and adding content.