Marketing digital

Gain notoriety on digital, make it happen !

With the explosion of the internet, a new discipline has emerged: Digital Marketing

This name includes a lot of different actions that we offer at I-Can Services:

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEO & SEA)
  • Social Media Optimization 
  • Display
  • Affiliation

We have already developed more than 200 digital marketing campaigns and would be delighted to support you.
In addition, we have our own media agency.

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Seasonality: Unify around a common value

The company wanted to arouse the interest of customers by offering them the possibility of winning a significant amount and thus motivate potential customers to use the brand's service by taking advantage of seasonality to stimulate the transactions. Also, increase the frequency of stores and retain loyalty / keep existing customers while attracting new ones

We have therefore developed a communication strategy, developed a dedicated web page, created a promotional video.

Digital campaign: video and banners on YouTube and targeting on Facebook and Instagram. Digital banners: Local websites, Google Analytics and image integration.

Reaffirming its presence after two years of inactivity

An airline wanted to make known its new offers and rearrangements to passengers on its flights to Africa from Europe and give visibility to the brand

We therefore carried out consulting on the digital strategy and on the broadcast of a video spot. Management of the digital campaign with the distribution of the banners on the sites selected with targeting of keywords on display networks.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Google: reach your target on the internet

As part of the implementation of an attractive price to Mali, a telephone company wanted to communicate this new rate to the Malian diaspora in France and rejuvenate its customer base.

Nous avons donc travaillé sur : La communication numérique ciblée : RTB utilisant des mots-clés efficaces, bannières Youtube, campagne Twitter, publicités Facebook/Google, Fusac. Collaboration avec la Star Africaine Kanté un célèbre influenceur très actif sur les réseaux sociaux et extrêmement connu dans toute l’Afrique de l’Ouest. Co-écriture d’un sketch humoristique avec Kanté, qui met en avant l’offre et ses avantages sous un trait drôle et pédagogique. Organisation d’un jeu-concours pour gagner deux cartes-cadeaux de 300€ pour réserver des vols. Kanté a communiqué à ce sujet et c’est ce que nous avons fait. Nous avons utilisé le système “tag deux amis” qui nous a apporté plus de trafic sur nos posts.