Retail Marketing

Boost its network of physical points of sale, highlight (and better!) its products, train its partners to increase the recurrence of sales and the average purchase basket, know-how that I-Can Services has developed thanks to its distribution network of local points of sale.

We put at your disposal our tools and our commercial force to allow you to:

  • Expand your network: acquisition of new service distribution points of sale
  • Highlight your products:animation of your distribution network, POS, setting up competitions, personalized promotions, POS challenge
  • Auditer et analyser vos performances réseau: analyse des typologies de PDV, proposition d’actions de dynamisation de réseaux 
  • Improve the in-store customer journey: bring out and recreate the environment and values ​​of a brand in a point of sale to maximize sales
  • Implement an omnichannel strategy: integrate digital sales or communication solutions within a physical network.
Photo d'un employé dans le cadre d'une opération de retail marketing

Retail & Street Marketing: when two disciplines become one

The brand wanted to publicize the offer in several targeted African corridors. It also wanted to highlight its rates and increase the number of >subscriptionsto the offer. We have therefore increased the visibility at our partner points of sale thanks to the design. We also set up a field tour in 3 major French cities. In addition, we have set up partnerships with businesses (markets, bakeries, taxiphones, butchers, etc.)

In total, there will be hundreds of businesses taking part in the campaign. 100 businesses fully dressed in the colors of the brand and 21 promoters mobilized.

Strategy: get people talking about your brand during a one-off event

The company wanted to boost its brand image and increase its capital strong>sympathy. Also, she wanted to acquire new customers and increase the flow of customers into its physical agencies. Finally, the objective was to increase the number of transactions on its service and the company's benefits.
We have set up a street marketing operation in high-traffic areas with a caravan of events in order to amplify the campaign. We also dressed 47 partner points of sale in the company's colors and distributed school kits.

In total, 47 points of sale were dressed, 6610 school kits were offered strong> and 4500 flyers were distributed.

Boost your presence: promote your physical agencies

An international transfer service aimed to increase the number of money transfers to "low" sending rate”. Also, the company wanted to mark its presence while making known physical agencies physical (show proximity). Ultimately the goal was to increase its offline communication, which is very weak compared to that of competitors.

We have therefore set up 5 communication campaigns:

Billboards in high traffic areas.

– Dressing of 42 partner points of sale.

– Distribution of school kits to 42 partner points of sale.

– Radio campaign

street marketing campaign with a caravan tour.