Street Marketing

Communicate as close as possible to your target, in the heart of places where people live, in hubs frequently visited by all urban communities, thanks to Street Marketing. real local expertise that we have consolidated throughout the years !

Distribution of advertising leaflets, spreading the right message, lead conversion into loyal customers increase your visibility and boost your produtcs and services thanks to actions in the streets. Much more than just canvassing, we also train promoters according to your communication techniques to guarantee the best result.

We also take care of the creation of communication supports (flyers, posters, etc.) and goodies bearing the image of your company to get your message across and strengthen your connections with your customers.

From Paris to Abidjan via Brussels, we can create campaigns anywhere in the world!

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Explore new territories with Street Marketing

In Ivory Coast, a major actor in international transfers wanted to communicate around the start of the school year. With the aim of increasing transactions over this period, we have imagined an omnichannel campaign (branding, media & street marketing) to mark the spirits. Hundreds of school kits bearing the brand's image were distributed throughout the campaign.

Making an impression on the national scene

In order to raise awareness of its TV offering and increase its number of subscribers, the brand wishes to make an impression in France >. We have therefore set up a national system with a tour in the largest cities (Lyon, Paris, Marseille and Lille). We offered activities around the brand to create a strong link with potential customers (Games competitions, distribution of goodies< /strong>, flyers…). Coupled with a digital campaign, this operation was a great success relayed by around thirty media (Gazelle, France Maghreb).

Gathering around a shared passion

The brand wanted to make the offer known to several targeted African corridors during the World Cup. She also wanted to highlight her prices and increase the number of subscriptions to the offer. We have therefore increased the visibility at our partner points of sale thanks to the branding. We also set up a field tour in 3 major French cities. In addition, we have set up partnerships with African restaurants and bars broadcasting the World Cup.

In total, there will be 57 African businesses which will take part in the campaign . 5 businesses fully dressed in the colors of the brand and 21 promotersand promoters mobilized.