Projet Retail Marketing

Product or Service : Royal Air Maroc est une compagnie aérienne marocaine fondée le 29 juin 1957. Sa plate-forme de correspondance principale est située sur l’aéroport Mohammed-V de Casablanca. Elle dessert de nombreux aéroports en Afrique, en Europe, en Amérique et en Asie.

Problématique : following its membership in the OneWorld alliance, Royal Air Maroc wished to rethink its historic flagship store, located on the Avenue de l'Opéra, as well as the customer journey within this store, and digitalize all its supports to make its agency the first connected agency of the whole Royal Air Maroc network.

Solution : create a connected universe including in its ecosystem the head office and its promotional messages, sales process within the agency, and final customer with a semi-digital path.

Zones d’action et dispositif : Zones of action and device: creation of several tactile display supports, connected with the operational departments of the head office, allowing the customization and diffusion of messages instantaneously and under the graphic charter of the brand.

Tactile and olfactory aspects were reinvented and promoted to make the overall shopping experience pleasant and relaxing. Implementation of a click and collect system, allowing the end customer to continue the purchase process offline or online at all stages of the transaction.  

Résultat : decongest the agency, improve customer’s experience and satisfaction, manage all the agency's messages remotely and in multidevice.