Looking for an effective solution to strengthen your sales force and maximize your business results? Discover our auxiliary sales teams, the key to the success of your business.

Highly qualified sales teams: Our agency is made up of experienced sales professionals. We have built a talented proxy sales team with proven sales skills and in-depth knowledge of your industry. These sales experts are ready to represent your brand professionally and achieve your business goals.

Flexibility and adaptability: Our substitute sales teams are completely flexible and adapt to your specific needs. Whether you need one-time reinforcement for a special campaign or ongoing support to grow your sales force, we can provide you with the resources you need. You can adjust the size and duration of our intervention as your business needs change.

Access to diversified expertise: By working with our auxiliary sales teams, you benefit from the expertise of a multidisciplinary team. We recruit sales professionals from different backgrounds and with varied experience in different industries. This allows us to select the team members best suited to your business, market and products or services.

A profitable investment: Opting for our substitute sales teams allows you to benefit from a profitable solution compared to hiring and training an internal team. You save on recruitment, training and management costs, while enjoying the benefits of a high-performance sales team.


Photo de deux personnes devant des affiches promotionnelles

Boost your performances

A bus company wanted to develop its physical presence in France and Europe. Being a completely digital service was a barrier for many potential customers, which is why a physical presence was vital.

We therefore set up a team of expert salespeople whose goal was to find a maximum of points of sales so that they sell the services. Also, we have trained each point of sale individually in the use and sale of the service. In parallel with this action, we have set up a Street Marketing operation.

In total, more than 150 businesses will become partners of the brand.

Retail Marketing & QR Code: accelerate your customer acquisition

The company wanted to promote the African offering of its video streaming platform to the African diaspora in France. She also wanted to reach her target to be able to get her message across and be present in places of life and meeting.

We therefore targeted key businesses based on the target and the needs of the brand. In total, we distributed kraft bags and posters in 57 businesses directly linked to the target. This action was carried out in the main corridors of the target in Île de France and Montpellier. We have integrated a QR Code on each of the communication supports to redirect the interested people directly on the app download page.

Sale: promotion of the service and assistance for customers.

The company wanted to conquer customers from target countries where they live. Push use of the service and its services. Increase the rate of transformation of active customers and address the KYC issue.

We have established mobile commercial teams in different cities on French territory. We went to meet the target in their places of life and work in order to enlist them directly using tablets provided by the brand.

We have recruited a total of 20,000 clients on a base of 5,000 clients per year on average.