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Envie d’augmenter la visibilité et le chiffre d’affaire de votre point de vente ? Devenez agent partenaire I-Can et proposez de nouveaux services à vos clients.

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Who are we?

Our aim? To provide you with an additional source of income. We currently offer several services in the transport, money transfer and telephony sectors.

Why us?

Our goal? To provide you with an additional source of income. We currently offer four services in the transport and money transfer sectors.

Our commitment

We support you through the installation process and beyond. We guarantee a substantial increase in your monthly income thanks to innovative, high-performance and highly reputable services.

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ID of the manager and the associate (both sides)
A recent KBIS extract (3 months old)
An extract from the manager's "Bulletin B3" criminal record dated within 3 months
A photo of the storefront with the commercial sign visible
A photo of the store interior with the sales counter visible
A -3 month direct debit invoice to the store address
A direct debit invoice for -3 months at the agent's address
Horaire d’ouverture et de fermeture de l’établissement
Store and/or manager's e-mail address

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