Esport is a fast-growing market that’s getting more and more attention. Estimated to be worth $2.96 billion (source entreprises.gouv), esport has nothing to envy soccer or tennis. A wave of young talents in communications, marketing, entrepreneurship and graphic design have made their passion explode from nothing and with no help whatsoever.

From Counter Strike to League of Legends and Rocket League, I’m going to tell you why you absolutely must invest in esports.


In the beginning, esport was just a handful of enthusiasts getting together to share their passion and compete against each other. Soon, more and more people wanted to fight each other. By continuous efforts of voluntary work and innovation, esport was able to develop despite the critics. A group of enthusiasts has created a veritable ecosystem, with tournaments held in the world’s biggest venues and broadcast to millions of television viewers.

In France, for example, we’re fortunate to have internationally renowned teams such as Karmine Corp, Solary and the reigning CS:GO world champion, Vitality. These teams live mainly from sponsorship and investment.

When it comes to tournaments, France boasts hundreds, from small neighborhood tournaments to world championships. We even hosted the latest CS:GO major at the Accor Arena which was sold out in 4 days and broadcasted to millions of spectators.


Esport competitions are broadcasted free of charge on Twitch and Youtube, and sustain on sponsorship. What’s interesting is that there are competitions to suit all tastes and target different communities, which can be a major advantage in terms of targeting.

On the team side, it’s the same: there are no subsidies and very few player transfers, so sponsorship is a significant source of revenue.

Sponsorship has evolved a great deal, from a focus on brands endemic to the video game industry to one that is increasingly open to brands outside this ecosystem. Examples include Astralis with Audi, Vitality with Aldi and Solary with Justin Bridou.

Sponsoring esport is about gaining legitimacy and offering yourself significant exposure on the internet and in the physical world.

At tournament level, sponsors have also evolved considerably, with brands such as Mastercard, Absolut, DHL, Adidas and RedBull.


We often talk about big teams and XXL partnerships at sky-high prices, but the great thing about esport is that there are plenty of small/medium-sized teams that can make a big contribution.

Unlike traditional sports, teams with small budgets can play in front of thousands of people. This can be an interesting first step for a brand, since the cost is lower and the representation is still very good.

Sponsoring a small team also means seeing it evolve, and realizing the direct impact your company has on the team’s activities. Why spend a lot to be a second-rate partner when you can spend little to be a headliner?

In France, there are more than 50 clubs playing at the forefront or in the background in major competitions at home and abroad. Esport entrepreneurs have been able to create ever more innovative activations to meet corporate needs.

At I-Can Services, we are committed to the development of esports in France and abroad.