The shift is radical, and the digital world has entered a new era.

Once a platform for passive browsing, the internet transformed in 2003 into an interactive space where every user can create and bring content. In this context of increasingly rapid and instantaneous communication, it is crucial to emphasize the importance and nobility of words even more in community management.

It is a crucial process that we go through each time we have to publish an article on our blog!

Clear and Effective Communication

Words are different, and so are nuances. The choice of vocabulary is not merely a boring academic exercise but rather the expression of thought at its deepest level. Words, in conveying a message, set the tone, shape personality, and create a unique manner of expression for each company. The resulting clarity is all the more effective because it differentiates from other brands. For instance, it’s hard to separate the famous “Come as you are” from the American multinational. In essence, words are distinguishing.

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Communication in Service of the Brand

Texts adapt to the platforms they are on and to the brand’s values and identity. Carefully chosen words, clear brand content, and the creation of a unique brand universe facilitate SEO/SEA, identification, and attachment to the brand. Words serve to communicate, inform, and drive action (CTA), creating a direct link between the person behind the computer and the online audience. Words are thus ambassadors of identity. For example, brandverbing (or antonomasia) involves using a brand name as a common noun: Googling, Shazaming, Kleenex, which strengthens the link with consumers… or sometimes not, as “uberizing” has recently taken on a negative connotation for reasons we all know.

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The Role of AI in Community Management

Artificial Intelligence has the wonderful capability of clearly transcribing trends, modes, and can even write better than anyone with your company’s communication style. While tools like Chat GPT or Gemini may seem to challenge the need for a competent Community Manager, it’s important to remember that they are just tools. The primary and most important medium is likely the human being, inherently communicative and capable of considering emotional contexts, the need to create, improvise, and adapt. Thus, while AI is an excellent ally for this task, humans remain essential for their ability to create and innovate, especially through words.

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Community Management Without Words?

The rise of TikTok and video formats in general (Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts) shows that words are not always necessary in the content offered. Hashtags and SEO ensure visibility, and innovative or original content can appeal without containing a single word. What was once the basis of human communication has become non-essential on certain channels.

In conclusion, although we may sometimes underestimate the importance of words in favor of an ever-growing flow of images and videos, it’s in crisis situations that we realize each word is vitally important and must be chosen carefully to best engage a community.

Successful Communication:

  • Differentiates and identifies;
  • Is humanized and uses innovative techniques;
  • Is precise and carefully crafted.