About Us

I-Can Services is a French marketing, communication and business development agency in Paris. We  build strategies and campaigns surrounding all sorts of industries. Explore our expertise and discover more about us.

Founded in 2014 by two marketing and business development experts, I-Can Services accompanies clients in different industries from travel, money transfers, telecomunications and entertainement.

We believe at I-Can Services that each clients bring a new and unique problem that needs our utmost attention and care. Therefore, we tailor each client need with a different approach in order to help reach their specific business objectives.

Because we can help you
Understand Reach Keep
your customers


We build our strategies and campaigns around your target with a strong knowledge of diasporas.

Our human centric approach allows us to geolocalise, understand and speak the same language as your customers.

We’ve already helped multiple companies reach their targets which led to an increase in their market shares.

Over the years, we have built strong partnerships with local actors such as news, content companies and influencers from around the world.

Our Team

At I-Can Services our team comprises a rich and wide diversity of individuals. From their backgrounds to their professional environment and past experiences. This allows us to explore different potential solutions by bringing forward great insights and different tools. Making it possible to always accept new challenges from existing and upcoming clients.

CEO's picture
Illustration of a telephone and money exchanged
Reda El Farah


CEO's photo
Illustration of a landline telephone
Marianna Mendza


Photo of an employee
Illustration of a checklist and pen
Daria Zhidkova

Project Manager

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Illustration of a handshake
Omar Masri

Project Manager

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Melissa Monnier

Marketing Assistant

Photo of an employee
Rocket illustration
Makan Kante

Production Manager

Photo d'un employé
Yara Saleh

Marketing assistant

Illustration of a man surrounded by artistic elements
Photo of an employee
Telephone and megaphone illustration
Quentin Tabernero

Digital Project Manager

Photo of an employee
Check illustration
Ryma Hanafi

Marketing assistant

Photo of an employee
Rokya Bailly

Africa representative 

image of the african continent
Photo of an employee
illustration of a tube of paint
Houssem Ben Gorbel

Art Director

Photo of an employee
Illustration of a phone with notifications
Gregoire Tigneres

Marketing assistant


12 square Adansson, 75005 Paris, France

a reconized marketing agency

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