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About Us

I-Can Services is a French marketing, communication and business development company in Paris. With a deep understanding of the african diasporas across France and Europe, we  build strategies and campaign for all.

Founded in 2014 by two marketing and business development experts, I-Can Services works with the largest companies over travel, money trasnfers, telecomunications and content.

Because we can help you
Understand Reach Keep
your clients


We build our strategies and campaign around your target with a strong knowledge of diasporas.

We know where to find your target, we know how to talk to it and more importantly : we know what they need.

We’ve already helped tens of company reach their target and open new corridors.

Africa being the continent with the diasporas we know best, we built strong partnership with local actors among such as news, content company or even influencers.

Our Team

Reda El Farah


Marianna Mendza


Daria Zhidkova

Project Manager

Omar Masri

Project Manager

Melissa Monnier

Marketing Assistant

Makan Kante

Production Manager

Quentin Tabernero

Digital Assistant


12 square Adansson, 75005 Paris, France

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