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The challenge

Ingenico wanted to add new points of sale to its network in order to boost their revenue. The main challenge was to convice small points of sale to join Ingenico and start selling financial products. Owners of small businesses could not offer the Ingenico device which was a big blocking point.

The key idea

We’ve imagined a free to use platform that would allow small business owners to start selling Ingenico products without buying an Ingenico device. This idea gave us a very important argument to make small businesses sell Ingenico products.


The set up

We hired 4 sales agents that travaled accross France to visit small businesses and convice them to join the Ingenico Network. The operation lasted over 10 months during which we signed 100+ points of sale.

We took in charge the KYC process and helped merchants to start selling their brand new products.

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In other consulting operations, we offer :

Phoning campaigns

With years of experience in commercial speaches, we can create the best argumentary for your products. 

We can create call centers in France & Africa for various countries that will fit your company.


We have been helping brands and international groups creating their brand image.

From website development to graphic chart , coorporate clips or even community management, our consulting skills will take your brand to the next level.


We have built a network of sale persons and promoters that speak various languages and are specialized in many sectors.

We will identify the best spots for your product / target and the right speach to level up your sales!