I-Can Services x Orange

Street Marketing

Street Marketing Topline results




The challenge

Orange created a mobile plan for tourists in France using street marketing.

During the summer, the telecomunication leader wanted to attract new customers.

To attract new customers, they wanted to talk directly to tourists in Paris.

Building a story

To create an entire story around Paris and the french culture, we hired 4 promotors and dressed them up like old school parisian.

We imagined a flyer that showcased hiden spots of Paris to visit so it had a real utility for tourist. We added images of french monuments to attract their curiosity.


 Aiming to sell

We trained the promotors with one goal : selling. In fact, selling was center of the campaign as we managed to sell mobile plans and create flows to store.

We helped the brand gain visibility, sold mobile packages and created added value for tourists.

Photo of two promoters in Paris using Segways in front of the Louvre pyramid during a street marketing campaign